Technical details

The closer we get to the date of the symposium, more details will appear here.

  • If possible, use a network cable to connect to the internet instead of relying on WiFi. An Ethernet connection is generally faster than a WiFi connection and provides more stability and security.
  • Avoid incoming light from behind you, especially when you are speaking. This makes you poorly visible (dark) to others.
  • Test your microphone and camera beforehand.
  • We might ask you to turn of your camera or mute your microphone from time to time. Make sure you know how to do this. When you’re in a video meeting with a lot of participants it’s best to keep yourself muted most of the time. Only unmute yourself when you need to speak.

We will be using Zoom. For first time users we recommend to check it out beforehand. While it is possible to join the symposium without installing Zoom, however, for the best experience we recommend installing it ( Some tutorials on how to present Powerpoint presentations on Zoom can be found easily on For those who have already installed Zoom some time ago, we recommend that you install the latest updates shortly before the symposium.

Having technical problems?

During the symposium there is the possibility to ask questions on this website via the chat box at the bottom right. Happy to help!